Dave Hyland Body Repairs
Other Repairs
Not only can we offer repairs to any kind of vehicle but we work on anything that you need painted! We have a large spray booth which enables us to do light commercial vehicles.

The first two examples show a typical smaller repair on a commercial vehicle.

This next example shows a larger repair on a commercial vehicle. The damage had began to rust therefore needed treating and the sill was pushed up which required straightening.

The vehicle below suffered heavy damage along the side, to allow the repair to be undertaken the door was removed to ensure the filler could be reshaped correctly on both the door and the rear quarter panel.

This shows a repair to some motor bike panels. As the panels had started to micro blister underneath they needed stripping back to bare metal.
The etch and 2 pack primer is applied and the panels sanded ready for the basecoat. After the basecoat is applied the stickers are stuck on so they are protected underneath the lacquer.

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