Dave Hyland Body Repairs
Classic Car Repairs
We offer a wide range of repairs on classic cars. We have a wealth of experience in all kinds of repairs and provide a high quality service for anyone who is looking for a complete restoration of their classic car.
We understand that classic cars can require a respray with a budget in mind and we will do our best to cater for your specific needs.
All our repairs are carried out with extreme care, attention to detail and we have an huge amount of pride in our work.
We work towards having a high quality finish and providing a high quality service, we will also provide a complimentory portfolio of the restoration.

This classic car is a Riley 1.5 first registered in December 1964, there were several of these models that were originally two tone which was how this was to be painted. There were several places where the car had rotted out which required new metal welding in.

All the areas of rust are cleaned back to metal and any dents are filled. The rusty areas then need an etch primer which allows the 2 pack primer stick properly.The primer is sanded and the top colour applied.

The paint will then be left for a couple of days to completely harden to be able to mask on so the bottom colour can be applied. The car is then polished, re-assembled and cleaned up ready for collection. The car went on to win an award for best paint in a local village show.

This is a Austin Healey 'Frogeye' Sprite. This car arrived to us as a bare shell, as with many restoration projects the owner wanted to be as involved as possible and had completely stripped the vehicle.
The first steps were to completely clean the car and identify any areas of rust that needed treating and to find any dents that needed filling. Once this had been done the outside of the car was ready to be primed.

We then repeated the process on the engine bay, inside and underneath of the car, filling any dents or imperfections to achieve a high quality finish throughout. All of the seams are re-sealed to ensure no water can get in between panels and start to rust.

The panels are removed and painted separately from the rest of the car.

The engine bay, inside and underneath of the car are painted then masked up so they dont get any overspray on them. The outside is then painted and polished and is then ready for collection by the customer.

The finished car was entered into the Boston Classic show in 2013 and won the best in class of the 1950's cars.

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