Dave Hyland Body Repairs
Car Repairs
We offer a wide range of repairs whether its a cracked bumper, rust or a general tidy up of any scrapes and scratches at competitive prices.
Whether you have lightly scuffed your car or suffered heavy accident damage we can offer you a repair. We have experienced panel beaters who reshape the damaged area to minimise the amount of filler required. If the damage is beyond repair a replacement panel or panels would be fitted.

The first two examples show heavy accident damage, our panel beaters were able to reshape the panels allowing them to be repaired, which saved the customer the expense of a replacement panels.

The next two examples are smaller repairs that required filling and repainting. The paint is blended into the surrounding panels so the repairs cannot be seen.

The next example shows a heavily corroded wheel arch. To ensure that the rust can't come back we cut out any area that has any rust showing, and weld in a new section.

The new section is filled, primed and painted. To add extra protection we then use rust protectors such as Waxoyl and grease on the inside of the panel.

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